The status of a batch task creation job can be retrieved from this endpoint.

The response contains:

  • The status of the batch task creation job
  • A list of tasks that belong to the batch with their status in the batch, and the corresponding task data if the task creation failed (task data can be omitted by passing true to the omit_failed_task_data query parameter)
  • A count of tasks that have been successfully created
  • A list of messages that have been logged while the tasks were being created

The task status is one of:

  • queued: waiting to be picked up for preprocessing or creation
  • preprocessing: undergoing asset preprocessing
  • ready: waiting to be created
  • failed: preprocessing or creation failed
  • created: task successfully created
  • canceled: batch was canceled before task could be created

A maximum of 1,000 tasks will be returned in the list of tasks, to get more use the page parameter, which starts from 1 (the default).

You can control the page size with the page_size parameter, but the maximum is still 1,000 tasks per page.

If you pass an explicit 0 value as the page_size the whole tasks array is omitted from the response.

The task data for successfully created tasks is never returned by this endpoint, but these can be retrieved by making a request using the same batchId as the query parameter batch_id to the GET status of multiple tasks endpoint.
The GET status of a single task endpoint can be used to retrieve the status of a single created task.
The use of the task creation webhook is optional but can be useful if you want to get the status of the individual tasks of the batch task creation job without polling this endpoint.

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