Once your project is set up and activated in the Sama Platform tasks can be loaded for our Delivery Centers to complete. Delivery Centers manage a team of Impact Workers who actually answer your tasks. The Sama Platform gives Delivery Centers tools for Quality Assurance by either randomly sampling tasks for review by Supervisors or incorporating a Review Step into the project’s Workflow.

Workflow Summary

  1. Project Setup
    • task schema definition
    • expected return value definition
    • delivery callback URL and authentication setup (optional)
    • creation callback URL and authentication setup (optional)
  2. Tasks are created in the Sama Platform via the API
  3. Task status can be queried at any time
  4. Delivered tasks are returned via the delivery callback URL or become available through the delivery polling API
  5. Delivered tasks can be rejected via the API
  6. Delivered tasks can be acknowledged via the API

See the Integration Steps section and the other sections linked from there for more details on the steps above.