Delivery Center Delivery centers are privately owned and operated Business Process Outsourcing companies. Sama's Delivery Team works closely with the Delivery Centers to manage our Impact Workers
Impact Worker Impact workers are disadvantaged people in low employment areas such as slums of developing countries or extremely rural areas.
Project A technical definition of the scope of work that needs to be done. The project definition must include the expected format of the input and output, as well as the set of instructions that agents need in order to perform the task successfully
Data ‘Data’ in HTTP request bodies refers to the input data supplied for each task by the client. See Input Data Formats below.
Answers Answers are the output data that results from the task being completed by our workforce.
Task Schema The combination of input Data (field names and formats) for all steps makes up the Task Schema.
Task A unit of work to be completed for a given project. See 4.2.2 - ‘Polling responses’ below for task states.
Production Step Tasks are performed in one or more steps. In this way, a complex task can be broken into a workflow of smaller “microwork” submissions.
Review Step Review steps can be incorporated into a project workflow to allow qualified workers to check the quality of previously submitted answers. The Sama Platform will only create review steps for a configurable percentage of the throughput
API Access Key Access key used for authentication and authorization for any project owned by a client. This is the equivalent to a secure password
Delivery Callback URL URL of client server where completed tasks will be delivered.
Creation Callback URL URL of client server where results of asynchronous task creation will be posted.
Task Primary Key Set of inputs the Sama Platform will guarantee to be unique. Attempting to create a task with non-unique primary key inputs will result in a 409 response.