A unit of work (Task) is added onto a project queue by posting a piece of data to a Project resource. Tasks can be created synchronously (on request) or asynchronously (enqueued on request to be created later).

Some types of projects require asynchronous task creation, such as image annotation projects that use images originally hosted on external servers. These images located on external servers need to be copied to Sama's own secure storage before the task is created. For other types of projects asynchronous task creation is optional.

Sama recommends that all assets required for image annotation projects be hosted in our own secure storage to ensure agent productivity. You can arrange a workflow with your Sama Project Manager to have your images copied to our storage manually in advance, or this step can be done for you automatically on task creation. If images are going to be copied to Sama's storage on task creation, asynchronous task creation is required.

Your Sama Project Manager is available to discuss a task creation workflow best suited to your project.

The body of the post will contain the data for the task encoded in JSON. The schema of the data must match the schema that was configured during the project setup step. You can also use the task creation schema API to get a JSON schema of the data.

There is a Copy Asset to Sama Platform storage during API create option on Input settings in the Sama Platform. When enabled by a Sama project manager, during task creation, the Sama Platform will make a copy of the asset from the given client URL to Sama's own storage. This client URL can instruct Sama to request the asset using Basic authentication over HTTPS (for encrypted requests) by using the following format:

https://username:[email protected]/...

For an output answer, the default answer can be supplied as a property of task.data named output_answer.

Optional priority parameter where tasks with lower priority values will be worked on first, and the default is 0. Range of value is between -2147483648 and 2147483647.

Optional submit parameter if set to true, the task will be submitted after creation using the default answers provided. Please see submit a task for more information.

Optional duration parameter is used in conjunction with the submit parameter. Please see submit a task for more information.

Optional reserve_for parameter reserves the task to the specified agent id.

If you would like to view the newly created task, use the task ID in the response and navigate to the read-only workspace at the following URL, replacing the relevant values for project_id and task_id: https://app.sama.com/projects/{project_id}/tasks/{task_id}.

Refer to the following links for additional information:

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