Task status

You can monitor the status of your tasks as they flow through Sama Platform using the task status endpoints. We have one to get the status of a single task and another endpoint to get the status of a set of tasks. The latter one requires a batch id (either from a Sama Platform batch you or a project manager created, or from a customer-assigned batch id).

The task status endpoints should not be used as a way to get answers from delivered tasks. Instead, please use the task delivery endpoints to get delivered tasks since a given date or recently delivered ones.

Task priority

By default, tasks are picked up by agents in the order they are created. You can change that by assigning priorities to tasks as you create them. Tasks with lower priority numbers will be picked up first. The default priority is 0, so higher priority tasks should have negative priority numbers.

You can assign priority at the moment of task creation, but you can also reprioritize existing tasks using the update task priority endpoint, to reprioritize a single task, or the bulk update task priority to repriotize a set of tasks at once.