Submitting a task can be done with a request to the API.

If your project is managed in your own tool, you may need to submit tasks for Agent production tracking purposes.

Before using this API endpoint, please first coordinate with your Project Manager, who will ensure the "Allow API creation setting" is enabled in the Sama Platform, the "System" team is assigned to the step, and you have the correct ordinal value(s) to use.

The format of the answers field in your request should match the format of the answers field you get on deliveries. You can check the delivery schema endpoint to see what it is.

The ordinal field in your request should give the step number you are submitting to, if your project is a multi-step project. Please check with your project manager about step numbers to use.

The duration field is used for reporting how long work on that submission (and the task) took. If this is relevant to your project, please pass that duration in seconds.

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